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"the perfect blend of groove and grace"

Dave Franklin - The Swindonian


"soothingly hypnotic female vocals to sway and soar into heightened euphoric bliss"

Catherine Gillette - Whitelight/Whiteheat


"What a rampaging piece of dreampop, electric energy that you don’t normally expect"


"a new wave of classicism, a film score to a movie too beautiful to be made"

Dave Franklin - Dancing About Architecture

"Secret Life” is ideal, velvety shoegazer goodness. It’s absolute goth pop in the best way possible."

Sophie Kemp - Impose Magazine

"lusciously layered electronic darkpop that has the most delicate touches of melancholy and darksparkle. Their gorgeous sound transcends embraces global interconnectedness and self-awareness."

Dawn Marie - Strawberry Tongue Music


"Intelligent Electro Pop"

Weeclaire - Wee World


"gorgeous and new favourite already"

From Pop 2 Top

" I have never before heard any electro-pop being delivered in a luscious manner such as this!"

Way Out Radio, UK


"Brilliant EP... Each song is solid, it was hard choosing which one to play"

Mark Keegan, Ridge Radio, UK

Been talking with Dave Franklin from Dancing About Architecture about our music, influences and the local indie scene.

Read here.

Had the pleasure of guest hosting with Mark Keegan on Ridge Radio UK. Listen to our bla bla and awesome song selection here.

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